A.R.T. uses sets of eye movements to help individuals work through memories and scenes attached to traumatic events and/or current life difficulties. A.R.T. has been successful in working with children and adults who have trauma, military veterans, those with addictions and mood disorders, and much more.

A.R.T. does not remove or change the memory, but through the eye movements and use of the A.R.T. script, clients no longer feel the same emotional distress or feelings that were once felt when they think about the event.

A.R.T. sessions are done in 1-hour, but a 90 minute appointment is recommended in order to do some processing after completion. A follow up appointment is suggested, 2-7 days post A.R.T. session, to see how client is doing. In some cases, the client may realize working through one area has brought up memories in another, that is normal. If the client wishes to do A.R.T. in the other area or if they feel general therapy will be helpful, they are more than welcome to make another appointment.

A.R.T. is often confused with EMDR, which is another eye movement desensitization technique. Unlike EMDR, A.R.T. allows the client to work through the entire memory in one session vs several.

If you are interested in A.R.T., the only requirements are: ability to hold a thought and ability to do the eye movements. For a free 15-minute in person consultation, to discuss questions, and to see if you meet the eye movement requirements, please call 813.254.3200.

More information on A.R.T. can be found on our previous blog post and at www.acceleratedresolutiontherapy.com