Heather Widmer

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MH12076)
Certified Addictions Professional (CAP6034)
Certified SYMBIS Premarital Assessment Facilitator

Heather has a strong passion for helping others find their way in this world and finding the individual beauty that God has given each of us. She has realized that having the opportunity to be a light during another’s dark times is a blessing and honor.

Since joining CCST in 2014, Heather has grown a strong passion for working with individuals who struggle with self worth and love, and who have a tendency to be themselves in this world. She enjoys helping them create an identity that is authentic to who God has created them to be and learn to live peacefully with themselves.

In addition to being a licensed mental health counselor and certified addictions professional, Heather is a certified SYMBIS premarital assessment facilitator. She is confident that her counseling guidance through the SYMBIS assessment will offer you a positive outcome and offer growth to you and your partner as you take the next exciting steps in your relationship.

Prior to joining the CCST team, Heather’s background included working in the private treatment center setting for addictions and substance abuse. There she treated men and women who had a history of trauma, mood disorders, eating disorders, negative self image, family dynamic concerns and more.

Currently Heather works with preteens, adolescents, adults of all ages and also conducts premarital counseling. In therapy sessions, Heather utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and psycho-dynmaic techniques.

Heather specializes in, but is not limited to: self esteem and identity work, premarital counseling, addictions/substance abuse, anxiety and depression, codependency and boundary setting, eating disorder recovery and body image concerns, abuse and trauma, spiritual issues and grief.

Heather enjoys creativity such as singing, music, painting, and sculpting; which she often brings into group and individual sessions, outdoor activities and fellowshippingwith others.

For more information on Heather Widmer, visit www.heatherwidmer.webs.com.

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