Heather Widmer

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MH12076)
Certified Addictions Professional (CAP6034)
Certified SYMBIS Premarital Assessment Facilitator
Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) trained

Heather recognizes that it’s an honor and blessing to be light in another’s darkness. As someone who has experienced life’s hardships and has had to do her own work to gain self-love and awareness, she understands how big of a step it takes for her clients to do the same while seeking change. 

Since joining CCST in 2014, Heather has grown a strong passion for helping individuals who struggle with self worth, and who have a tendency to not embrace their authentic selves in this world. She enjoys helping them create an identity that is authentic to who God has created them to be and learn to live peacefully in that space.

Heather has worked with preteens, adolescents, and adults of all ages in areas including but not limited to: 

Self esteem and identity 

Addiction recovery (substance, eating disorders, love/sex) 

Relationship issues (codependency, boundary setting) 

Past trauma (emotional and mental neglect, spiritual abuse) 

Mood disorders 


In therapy sessions, Heather utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic techniques. She believes what you do outside therapy is where you will see your results, so don’t be surprised if you walk away with “homework”.

Heather is also trained in an evidenced based, eye movement technique called Accelerated Resolution Therapy. ART has been used to resolve trauma, mood disorders and various other concerns. You can read more about ART here.

In addition to being a licensed mental health counselor and certified addictions professional, Heather is a certified SYMBIS premarital assessment facilitator. She loves seeing the uniqueness each couple brings to session and is confident the use of the research-comprised SYMBIS assessment helps couples gain the skills and tools they need to enter into marriage well prepared.

Heather enjoys creativity such as singing, music and painting- which she often brings into group and individual sessions, hiking, traveling and fellowship with others.

For more information on Heather Widmer, visit www.heatherwidmer.webs.com.

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