Peace in the Unknown

By Heather Widmer LMHC, CAP

Let me just get it out of the way and say everyone’s favorite word as it relates to God’s plans for their life… UNKNOWNS! Whether you are deciding on a new career, debating a move, have recently lost a loved one or are deciding on a life partner, there are always unknowns in the outcome that will occur.

It’s fair to say that resting in earthly possessions or outcomes will always leave an unsettling feeling. It is through our faith in Christ alone that we will experience a different level of peace, but connecting to this peace can still be uncomfortable! As you and I both know, we serve an all-knowing, mighty God, but with that mightiness comes a lot of plans that we are all completely unaware of. We are often left in wonder asking ourselves “alright God, what are you trying to do here?” or “God, what is the right step for me to take?”

I can tell you now, being content with the unknown is one of the hardest things we as human beings face and that I typically see so often in my clients. The unknowns are a driving force behind many anxiety disorders, including OCD, as well as personality flaws including controlling behavior. Working with your counselor to help you gain acceptance over the unknowns, develop healthy coping tools to overcome anxiety and of course find solitude in God’s word and truth are helpful solutions to get you on a path of peace.

Jesus reminds us in Psalm 32:8, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” Life is scary sometimes, but one thing you can know is that God is with you through every decision, every known and unknown. He is watching over you and will never lead you astray.

If you struggle with developing and maintaining peace through the unknown, I would be honored to walk alongside and provide guidance in your journey, I look forward to hearing from you!