Dear younger me...

By Heather Widmer, LMHC, CAP

I am continuously inspired by my clients. One frequent theme of inspiration is found when clients process, and struggle with, self worth.

Full disclosure, my own self worth journey has experienced some remarkable highs but also some real gut wrenching, wisdom growing lows. I’ve been the girl trying to find my value and worth in relationships; the girl who desperately wanted to fit in so I sought others endless validation; the girl who thought weight and my appearance would be the solution and make me more desirable; the girl who thought my accomplishments would be what made me more respectable. I’ve been the girl who has put God second, even third, in hopes that the guy, the 5 pounds, the compliment would be the solution to my joy and happiness.

I was thinking to myself the other day after a session with one of my teenage girls, if I could tell my younger self anything, what would it be? Man! This sparked some serious introspection, prayer and processing. Would I warn myself from certain “poor life decisions”? Would I speak with compassion and wisdom in telling her she’s worth far more than what society sees?

Truth be told, the journey of finding your self worth and love is endless, but once you begin to seek God to fulfill that inner wholeness, the journey becomes a lot easier.

I want to leave you with lyrics from the song “Dear Younger Me” by Mercy Me, as it paints a beautiful example of how one should see themselves, and what I would say if I had that opportunity:

“ You are holy

You are righteous

You are one of the redeemed

Set apart a brand new heart

You are free indeed

Every mountain every valley

Thru each heartache you will see

Every moment brings you closer

To who you were meant to be” 

If you or anyone you know is struggling with your self worth, self love and value, I would be honored to walk alongside and be apart of your journey.